Design by Marcel Wanders

Emotion, design & avant-garde

Marcel Wanders (Boxtel, Netherlands, 1963) is a renowned interior designer whose life and work have earned him such descriptions as ‘surrealist’, ‘pop’, ‘retro’, ‘Elvis Presley’, ‘a man for all seasons’… The New York Times even dubbed him ‘the Lady Gaga of design.’

  • Marcel Wanders’s creations are characterised by a mixture of innovative materials and techniques evoking well-established historical archetypes and styles. This helps making emotional connections with his works, which gives rise to sustainable experiences which last in time.
  • The IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Portals Nous is representative of Marcel Wanders’s work. This luxury boutique hotel in one of the most exclusive areas by the Mediterranean Sea delivers unique accommodation experiences in Majorca.
  • The IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Portals Nous is a place where anything great can happen. A hotel housing the best of Marcel Wanders’s art in avant-garde rooms designed for comfort and putting technology at the service of rest, in an atmosphere whose key notes are luxury and exclusivity.